WL#4319: Instructions for adding character sets/collations

Affects: Server-5.0   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Medium

Alexander Barkov gave a presentation at Heidelberg
(Sept. 2007) describing now to add new collations to
MySQL. This is information that should go in the
Reference Manual.

The manual already contains instructions for adding
new character sets. However, these instructions are
for MySQL 4.0, and are out of date.

Thus, this task has two parts:

1) Update the adding-a-charset instructions for 4.1
and up.
2) Add the instructions for adding new collations.

See also BUG#28916.

Update 2008-05-22:

The instructions for adding a character set have
been updated for 4.1 and up:


The 4.1 manual contains both the old 4.0 instructions
and update 4.1 instructions.

Update 2008-05-30:

The manuals now contain a new section on adding new collations:


This covers simple collations for 8-bit character sets 
an LDML-based collations for Unicode character sets.

The 4.1 manual does not have instructions for adding 
LDML collations because that is not supported in 4.1.

Also closed related BUG#28916.