WL#3762: Online Backup: SQL Interface

Affects: Server-6.0   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Low

The SQL for online backup that will be in the first release.

This WL can be used by others to see how to use online backup

WL#3329 contains more advanced SQL.
SQL Support for Alpha Release of Online Backup for MySQL v5.2
The SQL commands supported in this release of online backup include, but are 
not limited to BACKUP DATABASE and, RESTORE. The syntax for these commands is 
shown below.

BACKUP DATABASE db1, ..., dbn TO {‘file on disk’}
BACKUP DATABASE * TO {‘file on disk’}

RESTORE FROM {‘file on disk’}

The word SCHEMA can be used instead of DATABASE.

This release limits backup and restore to a list of databases. All
tables within the databases will be included in the backup. All tables
will be restored for all databases in the backup archive during a

The system will choose the best driver to use for each storage
engine. For Archive, Blackhole, MyISAM, and Falcon the system will use
either a native driver or the consistent snapshot driver depending on
availability. All other storage engines will use the generic blocking
backup algorithm.

Note that in the 6.0.X release only base tables are backed-up/restored, not
views or other objects defined in a database.

Changes to parser releatively obvious.
No LLD needed
-- Lars, 2007-06-21