WL#3747: Remove my.cnf replication options (5.2)

Affects: Server-6.0   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Low

This is the work of WL#2271 that needs to be done in 5.2.

It seems that there is some automatic disabling of the deprecated 
my.cnf options in the 5.2 code base.  Lars thinks that they should 
still be deprecated, but perhaps not disabled in 5.2.  We need to look
at this and figure out what to do.
Removed options:
-  {"master-connect-retry", OPT_MASTER_CONNECT_RETRY,
-  {"master-host", OPT_MASTER_HOST,
-  {"master-password", OPT_MASTER_PASSWORD,
-  {"master-port", OPT_MASTER_PORT,
-  {"master-ssl", OPT_MASTER_SSL,
-  {"master-ssl-ca", OPT_MASTER_SSL_CA,
-  {"master-ssl-capath", OPT_MASTER_SSL_CAPATH,
-  {"master-ssl-cert", OPT_MASTER_SSL_CERT,
-  {"master-ssl-cipher", OPT_MASTER_SSL_CIPHER,
-  {"master-ssl-key", OPT_MASTER_SSL_KEY,
-  {"master-user", OPT_MASTER_USER,
Deprecate using the WARN_DEPRECATED macro for this, examples:

      WARN_DEPRECATED(yythd, "5.2", "TYPE=storage_engine",
      WARN_DEPRECATED(yythd, "5.2", "BACKUP TABLE",
                      "MySQL Administrator (mysqldump, mysql)");

Per Serg Golubchik:
This generates correct deprecated warning and (!) guarantees that the feature
will removed in the specified version (e.g. 5.2 in this example).
WARN_DEPRECATED generates a warning "will be deprecated in version XXX" -- and
requires the version in which the code will stop working to be explicitly
specified. An assert guarantees that the deprecated item will not be used after
version XXX, by causing the code to stop working and start crashing. So it is
vital that we remove the code
cleanly before a 5.2 build is released.