WL#3630: add embedded server to pushbuild

Affects: Server-4.1   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Medium

We need embedded server to be properly tested - preferably with pushbuild,
so we can see problems and fix them in time.

Now the code itself is ready for that, but we need to check and fix all tests
to be embedded-server ready (usually it means to add some REPLACE_RESULT lines
and moving parts working with acess rights to '*_notembedded.test'-s.
Also we probably are going to find some bugs in embedded-server code
during that process. Fixing these is a part of that task.

After we have all necessary tests passing, KNielsen promised to enable
pushbuild testing the embedded server in no time.
I don't think we need to test embedded server on all trees, as we do it
with the normal one. I'd enable it on two trees per version - common and
my development one.