WL#3627: Add new field flags and ensure they work

Affects: Server-6.0   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Low

Part of work for On-line Add Column for MySQL Cluster (WL 3348 + WL 1190)
Introduce possibility to set:
(default DYNAMIC)

(Default dependent on table storage type; MEMORY is default for NDB Cluster.)

It will be possible to set the above per field


create table t1 (a int column_format DYNAMIC,
                 a1 int column_format FIXED,
                 b int NOT NULL column_format DYNAMIC,
                 b1 int NOT NULL column_format FIXED storage DISK,
                 c VARCHAR(100) column_format FIXED,
                 c1 VARCHAR(100) column_format DYNAMIC storage memory,
                 d VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL column_format FIXED,
                 d1 VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL column_format DYNAMIC,
                 e CHAR(100) column_format FIXED,
                 e1 CHAR(100) column_format DYNAMIC,
                 f CHAR(100) NOT NULL column_format FIXED,
                 f1 char(100) NOT NULL column_format DYNAMIC storage DISK,
                 index (b)) TABLESPACE ts1 engine NDB;

These specifiers can also be used with ALTER TABLE ... MODIFY COLUMN ...