WL#3378: Configuration wizard for Unix-like systems

Affects: Server-7.1   —   Status: Un-Assigned   —   Priority: Medium

Create a configuration wizard for Unix-like systems. We have one for Windows,
but not for Unix, which results in strange benchmarks like "MySQL runs faster on
Windows" because it's optimized on Windows.

Something like this could be done for the "real" installation packages (RPM and
DEB) in the post-install phase. For .deb packages it is quite common to answer a
few questions from debconf right after the installation. SuSE installs 
my-medium.cnf by default.

(For the .tgz package an advice to chose appropriate my.cnf should be added to the
respective manual chapter. Maybe "Unix Post-Install Procedures"? -- This is done
separately from this task.)

Maybe we could even provide a simple (i.e. shell based) config wizard that could
be run after installation. Just like mysql_install_db. Maybe we should put
mysql_install_db and the config wizard into a new mysql_post_install script.

According to Mike Zinner, we already have a text-based wizard, developed by the
GUI team. It has not been integrated into the MySQL Server builds so far,
however - it is maintained in a different repository would have to be added to
the server packages at build time somehow. We should first investigate the build
requirements and library dependencies, though. - While Debian packages provide
an interactive dialogue during the installation, this is usually not advisable
to do with RPMs, as it does not work with most GUI-based RPM installation tools.

See also: WL#1120 GUI Configure.