WL#3372: MySQL Administrator Bugfixing

Affects: GUI-Tools-3.0   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Medium

The goal is to divide all MA bugs into categories and work on the most critical
bugs for each group, fix as many bugs as possible and move on to the next group.

This way we can close all major bugs within two months and still have the
advantage to keep on single categories, which improves bugfixing speed.

G.1 Administrator Bugfixes 
G.1.0 Group/Classify Bugs and assign team members, then work on

G.1.1 Engineering Bugs & Tests
G.1.2 Generic Bugs & Tests
G.1.3 Backup Bugs & Tests
G.1.4 User Management Bugs & Tests

for August:
G.1.5 Server Configuration Bugs & Tests
G.1.6 Monitoring Bugs & Tests
G.1.7 Catalog Bugs & Tests
G.1.8 Object Editors Bugs & Tests