WL#3195: Provide ability to load database without validations

Affects: Server-7.1   —   Status: Un-Assigned   —   Priority: Medium

Since mysqldump doesn't dump in any order, it's always possible for 
a dumped file to contain view definitions that are invalid at reload
time, because the table upon which they depend doesn't exist yet at 
that point in the reload operation.

We should provide a mechanism to allow database dump/reload that takes
this factor into account and ignores view and other validations (e.g.
for constraints) during reload.

One suggestion is to add a variable option, seconded by Mike Zinner; per
attached correspondence:

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Axel Schwenke wrote:
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> So either all tools have to be
> aware of dependencies and provide measures to sort objects accordingly -
> or we create a variable to temporary turn off dependency checks for
> views. I like the second way much more.
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I also would welcome a VIEW_REFERENCE_CHECKS variable. Then we can 
handle it the same way as FKs.

-- Disable view reference checks

... do view creation ...

-- Re-enable view reference checks

See also BUG#17371.