WL#2954: Procedures - Add support for Oracle's PL/SQL "TYPE" matching in variable declarations

Affects: WorkLog-3.4   —   Status: Un-Assigned

Oracle PL/SQL supports "TYPE" matching and "ROWTYPE" matching within procedures,
so that you can map variables to column data types during declerations
(therefore avoiding problems when the underlying structures are modified). 

Typical syntax is along the lines of:

DELCARE myVal myTable.myCol%TYPE;

If myTable.myCol was created as VARCHAR(255), then myVal would also be declared
as VARCHAR(255) at run time. 

Should myTable.myCol have it's data type changed by an ALTER TABLE operation,
procedures should automatically pick up the new data type for all assoicated

Oracle's PL/SQL also supports this for tuples, as such:

DECLARE myTuple myTable%ROWTYPE;

If myTable where created as (myCol VARCHAR(255), myCol2 INT) then the myTuple
variable would be created as a record type with both fields within it. 

This is not defined within any standard, even up to SQL2003. 

Feature requests:
BUG#3286 Enhancement to Stored Procedure variables