WL#2875: Detach views from TABLE_LIST

Affects: Server-7.1   —   Status: Assigned   —   Priority: Medium

The TABLE_LIST object is currently overused. The task is 
to detach the view part from TABLE_LIST. 
TABLE_LIST is a structure which contains a list of all tables. 
It's defined in sql/table.h. According to the comments there, 
a "table" can be a regular base table, a subquery, an 
information_schema table, a view, a temporary table, or a 
nested table reference. But often, routines need only a list 
of regular base tables.  For example: a lock function might 
not need a list that contains views as well as base tables. 
* Note added by Trudy Pelzer, 2006-12-22
** The last statement appears now to be obsolete; see WL#3561
"transactional LOCK TABLE".
Just guessing: The task is: put views, even materialized views, 
in a separate list, VIEW_LIST.