WL#2749: Extend Logs: Add ability to log bad rows

Affects: Server-7.1   —   Status: Un-Assigned   —   Priority: Medium

One feature that could be added when we are extending
our logging capabilities, is the ability to log "bad"
rows, generated during bulk data changes, to a table.
For example, from
regarding a new Oracle10g feature:
     "DML Error Logging, instead of the 100,000 row update/insert/whatever
      failing because a single row doesn’t quite work out, we can have the 
      99,999 successful rows go through and have the one bad row logged to 
      a table!  I mean, this isn’t just cool, this is “change my world, 
      rewrite the books, stop the presses, wow, knock me over with a feather”."

Trudy Pelzer's comment:
We already have INSERT IGNORE, which allows a bulk INSERT 
to keep going when an error is encountered. We even have 
the facility to determine whether all INSERTs were processed
(check the mysql_info() C API function). But logging *which* 
statement failed would certainly be a nifty feature.