WL#2702: Add "cycle" command to ndb_mgm

Affects: Server-7.1   —   Status: Un-Assigned   —   Priority: Medium

It is a pain in the @#$% to have to restart each data node by hand to upgrade or
to have a new configuration setting take affect. This becomes a huge undertaking
if you have 8 or more data nodes. I propose a cycle command that will restart
each data node one after the other and then tell the user when done.

Currently is you issue a 3 restart, you get back "Node 3 is being restarted."

I would like to see the following;

ndb_mgm> cycle
Node 2 is being restarted.
Node 2 has been restarted.
Node 3 is being restarted.
Node 3 has been restarted.
Node 4 is being restarted.
Node 4 has been restarted.
Node 5 is being restarted.
Node 5 has been restarted.
Node 6 is being restarted.
Node 6 has been restarted.
Node 7 is being restarted.
Node 7 has been restarted.
Node 8 is being restarted.
Node 8 has been restarted.
cycle complete

Comment added by Trudy Pelzer, 2005-10-25:
Max Mether opened a duplicate entry (see WL#2945, which I have
cancelled). This is his request:
There should be a command in the management client for doing a rolling restart
of all data nodes.

Something like

This would do a RESTART for each data node, and then RESTART the following when
it's "partner" comes back up. So that there would only be one node restarting at
the same time. If a node doesn't come back up for some reason, or a node crashes
durinng the command, then the command would abort and display which nodes were