WL#2404: Add Usage Advisor to all 'upstream' Clients (.Net/ODBC/JDBC/PHP) in a standard way

Affects: WorkLog-3.4   —   Status: Un-Assigned

Currently, a feature well-liked by users is available in the JDBC driver that
can warn of bad behavior by developers. Currently, the JDBC driver can flag the
following ossues and log _where_ in the users' code the 'violation' happened:

   * Resource leaks - i.e. application did not call close on connections,
statements, result sets, cursors, etc.

   * Unused results - i.e. columns retrieved but never looked at, rows retrieved
but never looked at

   * Costly type conversions - usually used for prepared statements, issued when
values can not be directly 'bound' into application buffers via casting, but
must be converted by parsing 

   * Statement prepared, but only executed 1 or fewer times.

   * Updatable result set created, but used in a read-only fashion

We'd like to add this functionality (and any other useful functionality we can
come up with) in a 'standard' way across all connectors, and make the
information available and useful to the GUI tools, and components of Merlin for
either real-time or post-mortem analysis by these tools.

There are sub-tasks attached to this WL entry to cover the case of each connector.