WL#2004: Mysql Administrator Windows - Internationalization

Affects: GUI-Tools-3.0   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Medium

See that the Windows Mysql-Administrator works with different lanugages. As
proof for a working implementation create a german translation of the Administrator.

More concrete the following tasks will be necessary:
-) All controls that show text have to be exchanged to their appropriate TNT
counterpart (if they are not already TNT)
-) All Strings have to be wide-strings (=UCS2). 
-) The libinterfacemapper also has to be changed accordingly. (currently it uses
AnsiToUTF8 everywhere. this has to be changed to WideStringToUtf8) Hopefully
Mike Z will change the libinterfacemapper.
-) All translation strings have to be marked with _(). In more complex cases the
format function has to be used as well.

New subtasks:
Write a Mo-file parser for use with our library if no non-gpl parser is found.
Mark all strings in the library with _()