WL#1988: support for handlers w/o rnd_pos

Affects: Server-4.1   —   Status: Un-Assigned   —   Priority: Low

There should be new flag in table_flags() to show that a handler do not support
rnd_pos - that is cannot read arbitrary row based on "position". Only full table
scans (or index accesses if max_keys() is non-zero) are supported.

rnd_pos() is now a requirement for filesort to work.

So if the handler does not set HA_RND_POS flag (as usual we prefer positive
flags to negative, like HA_NO_RND_POS) and MySQL needs it for filesort - that is
it is not handled via addon field (see filesort.cc) - MySQL should internally
create a temp table, copy the table's content there (applying WHERE clause) an 
then sort the table.

Additiona notes:

MySQL also require rnd_pos() in the following situations:
- Multi-table-updates
- Multi-table-deletes
- QUICK_ROR_INTERSECT_SELECT (ie search with AND on different keys)
- QUICK_ROR_UNION_SELECT (search with OR on different keys)
- On duplicate keys, if handler->table_flags & HA_DUPP_POS

If the handler doesn't support RND_POS, we need to give an error in case of
multi-table-updates/deletes. We also need to disable the above optiomizations.
Add new Storage Engine flag - HA_CAN_RND_POS 
filesort should use "addon_field" optimization if tis flag is set