WL#1453: LOAD DATA INFILE load options

Affects: Server-7.1   —   Status: Un-Assigned

We shall add the following options for LOAD DATA INFILE for more fine gain control 
of what is happening

1) CONCURRENT  -  This shall use concurrent insert to load data to the table,
to allow SELECTS running at the same time on MYISAM table.  It shall possibly
imply SQL_CONCURRENT option once it is implemented to allow concurrent load of
data in table with holes.

2) CHUNK=N    -  This is to allow loading data in "chunks" Once chunk is completed 
the tables shall be unlocked and locked once again.  For MyISAM this will be
useful to allow  update queries to run for  Innodb tables this will allow to
avoid  huge undo log generated, making things potentially recovery unsafe in
case of MySQL crashes during load data infile.