WL#1443: Implement SSL VIO with CryptoAPI on Windows

Affects: Server-7.1   —   Status: On-Hold

There should be an option to use the 'native' SSL functionality on Windows via 
CryptoAPI so that users can utilize the SSL tools built in to Windows that they 
are already familiar with. 
The plan is to include this SSL code in every build of MySQL since it doesn't 
require any export considerations.   
Currently we have a status variable named HAVE_OPENSSL.  This should change to 
just HAVE_SSL.  We would then have another status variable that would indicate 
SSL type.  On Linux, this might read YaSSL or OpenSSL.  On Windows, it would 
read Native. 
Code that is dependent on SSL being implemented would use an #IF HAVE_SSL 
instead of #if HAVE_OPENSSL or #if HAVE_YASSL and #if HAVE_SSL would _always_ 
true for Windows. 
"MSDN Library - Cryptography Reference"