WL#1429: Test of MySQL Servers during Node Restart and System Restart

Status: Un-Assigned

Test and verify the functionality of MySQL Cluster during Node Restart(NR) and 
System Restart(SR)

During a NR the clients connected to MySQL Cluster should not notice anything 
except there might be some transactions aborted due to the node failure. The 
connected MySQL Servers should automatically be reconnected to the restarted 
node once it's available.

Durin a SR the clients connected to MySQL Cluster will experience that no 
transactions can be started. One thing to note here is wheter the MySQL Server 
should try to wait  a certain time for NDB Cluster to start when the user tries 
to start a transaction. There is probably a transaction timeout that could be 
used for this. If the system is restarted using graceful shutdown only really 
long running transactions should be aborted.

When the NDB Cluster is started again the MySQL Servers that was previously 
connected will be automatically connnected and transactions can be started