WL#13110: Compile time check of error message arguments

Affects: Server-8.0   —   Status: Complete

Compile time check of error message arguments

Error message arguments are not checked at compile time. This may 
cause unexpected errors at runtime. This WL creates a CMAKE option 
-DCHECK_ERRMSG_FORMAT=1 where the number and type of arguments to error messages 
are checked at compile time. This is created as an option as it only works with 
the default English language. The default setting for this option is OFF. 

This will rely on the attribution
MY_ATTRIBUTE((format(printf, 2, 0)));
which are effective with gcc, clang, mac and Windows.

This WL will handle the following functions:

This will only cover calls where the error-code is not a variable for the time 
being. There are some cases where the error-code is non-const where we have % 
substitutions. This will only cover messages to the client.