WL#13038: Make mysql command line tool's --binary-as-hex be on by default for interactive terminals

Affects: Server-8.0   —   Status: Complete

mysql command line asks the server to convert all the data it receives to text
so it can display them. But for some data the conversion spawns binary strings 
that might contain non-printable symbols. These can garble certain terminals.
mysql does certain things differently when run in interactive mode on a terminal. 
 The proposal here is to make it turn --binary-as-hex on in that case too.
FR1: When the mysql command line tool is started in "interactive mode" (on a
terminal with neither stdin nor stdout redirected) the option --binary-as-hex
will be on by default
FR2: The current default of --binary-as-hex (off) will be kept for
non-interactive runs.
FR3: A new row "Binary data as: Hexadecimal" will be added to the mysql status
command (\s) if --binary-as-hex is on either implicitly or explicitly