WL#13002: BKA in iterator executor

Affects: Server-8.0   —   Status: Complete

Implement BKA (Batch Key Access) in the iterator executor, reusing as much as 
possible from the hash join design. We will only support inner joins in this 
worklog, since we need more functionality from hash join to get the other join 
No (new) functional requirements. All queries should remain the same.

No (new) non-functional requirements. Performance should not regress.
BKA is implemented with two iterators working in concert. The BKAIterator reads 
rows from the outer side into a buffer. When the buffer is full or we are out of 
rows, it then sets up the key ranges and hand it over to the 
MultiRangeRowIterator, which does the actual MRR request, and reads rows from it 
until there are none left. For each inner row returned, MultiRangeRowIterator 
loads the appropriate outer row(s) from the buffer, doing the actual join.

The reason for this split is twofold. First, it allows us to accurately time (for 
EXPLAIN ANALYZE) the actual table read. Second, and more importantly, we can have 
other iterators between the BKAIterator and MultiRangeRowIterator, in particular 
FilterIterator. This makes a BKA join look like this in EXPLAIN:

  -> Batched key access inner join  [BKAIterator]
     -> Batch input rows
         -> Table scan on t2  [can be an entire subtree]
     -> Filter  [optional FilterIterator]
         -> Multi-range index lookup on t3 using PRIMARY (t2nr=t2.fld1)  

Currently, we only support BKA inner joins. This will change in the future.