WL#12817: REST endpoints for router application

Affects: Server-8.0   —   Status: Complete


When using the REST interface of the Router (WL#8965) the router application itself should expose itself:

  • version that's running
  • when it was started
  • its identity
Router Version MUST be exposed via an REST endpoint
Uptime of the process MUST be expose via an REST endpoint
Using the router rest endpoint MUST require authentication


  • a new plugin rest_router
    • must be loaded to activate the URI
    • depends on rest_api (WL#8965)

Configuration Options

  • require_realm, string, name of an authentication realm

Interface Spec


  • hostname: string, name of the host the application running on. May be empty if no hostname is configured.
  • processId: integer, process id of the application
  • productEdition: string, product edition (GPL, commercial, source ...)
  • timeStarted: string (date-time), time the application was started
  • version: string, version of the application e.g. "8.0.16"