WL#11811: MTR: Rename and enhance [disable|enable]_parser test commands

Affects: Server-8.0   —   Status: Complete

The mysqltest client has 'disable_parsing' and 'enable_parsing' commands to disable or enable query parsing. These commands works same as commenting out a section of a test and requires re-recording of the test.


These commands are used inside few test files to comment out the test cases and it might cause some confusion regarding why it's being used.

This WL

1. Renames [disable|enable]_parser commands to [disable|enable]_testcase

This setting is enabled by default. When disabled, mysqltest ignores everything until enable_testcase. These commands are useful for disabling a section causing an issue inside a test without having to disable the entire test.

2. Enforces bug number as the mandatory argument to disable_testcase command
It is NOT a goal of this WL to
- check if a disabled section inside a test is still valid or not.
- check if there exist any bug for the disabled section of test cases

The above 2 tasks will be carried out in a separate WL or in a separate bug.

disable_parsing and enable_parsing mysqltest commands will be renamed to disable_testcase and enable_testcase respectively
All test cases between disable_testcase and enable_testcase commands will be disabled.
Bug number is a mandatory argument to disable_testcase command i.e --disable_testcase BUG#XXXX
Bug number argument should follow BUG#XXXX format
FR-4.1: "BUG" keyword is case-insensitive
FR-4.2: "XXXX" should contain only digits
FR-4.3: mysqltest client doesn't check if it's a valid bug number, it just checks for the format
1. Existing commands --disable_parsing and --enable_parsing are removed
2. Two new command --disable_testcase and --enable_testcase are introduced