WL#10477: Defaults: Enable Transaction Write Sets

Affects: Server-8.0   —   Status: Complete

By using Transaction Write Sets, the master has to do slightly more work to
generate the write sets which is helpfull in conflict detection. This allows
users to easily move into GR since transaction-write-set is a requirement for GR.
Also, the new default will make users to easily enable binary log writeset
parallelization on master to speed up replication.

Server Changes
transaction-write-set-extraction = XXHASH64 : Enables the optimal method for
generating the write set hashes.

Upgrade Story
There are no special upgrade considerations with regards to a single instance.
But we need to ensure that 5.x and 8.0 replication topologies can coexist as per
usual, in particular the fu11y supported n+1 --> n replication.

Acceptance Criteria
1. The setting should not cause any instability/failures in our automated tests.
2. The setting should not cause performance regressions of more than 5% on the
master on average in SysQA perf tests.
Functional Requirements:
FR1: It shall be possible to run all existing statements and workloads with new
     default "transaction-write-set-extraction = XXHASH64",which will be verified
     by changing the defaults on all existing replication tests suites.

Non-functional requirements:
NF1: The new default settings shall not cause any performance regressions of more
     than 5% on average on master.