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WL#1872 Add support for dates from 2038 till 2116 as values of TIMESTAMP type 2007-07-17 01:26:24 Server-7.0 Un-Assigned
WL#1075 Add support for functional indexes 2018-10-12 10:52:33 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#11999 Add support for JSON Schema 2019-06-24 12:51:38 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#8955 Add support for multi-valued indexes 2019-06-24 12:41:18 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#7019 Add support for row value constructors in in predicates to range optimizer 2014-06-18 14:06:11 Complete
WL#3187 Add support for Unicode within DBD::mysql 2006-12-19 22:46:21 Server-7.1 Un-Assigned
WL#7895 Add systemd support to server 2015-03-07 07:46:04 Parser-5.7 Complete
WL#11807 Add sysvar which prohibits pk-less tables 2018-10-13 15:18:25 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#1279 Add table description to xml dump 2006-12-19 22:46:21 Server-7.1 Code-Review
WL#4545 Add TABLESPACE_NAME field to I_S.TABLES 2009-01-15 18:00:01 Server-6.0 Complete
WL#8987 Add the ICU library to handle RLIKE/REGEXP. 2018-01-10 17:53:11 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#3425 Add thread guard code to connection open 2006-12-19 22:46:21 WorkLog-3.4 Un-Assigned
WL#7131 Add timestamp in mysql.user on the last time the password was changed 2014-03-25 14:36:17 Server-5.7 Complete
WL#10493 Add transaction length to gtid_log_event 2017-06-27 19:27:41 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#6033 Add transformed query to EXPLAIN INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE 2018-07-03 11:39:48 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#1299 Add typeof() function 2006-12-19 22:46:21 Server-7.1 Un-Assigned
WL#2404 Add Usage Advisor to all 'upstream' Clients (.Net/ODBC/JDBC/PHP) in a standard way 2006-12-19 22:46:21 WorkLog-3.4 Un-Assigned
WL#5791 Add user variables as parameters in Binlog::log_statement 2013-01-09 17:46:27 Server-5.5 Un-Assigned
WL#10818 Add utf8mb4 accent sensitive and case insensitive collation 2017-06-28 22:59:58 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#13054 Add utf8mb4 binary no-pad collation 2019-06-24 14:44:23 Server-8.0 Complete