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WL#6599 New Data Dictionary and I_S integration 2016-08-29 11:28:51 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#9387 InnoDB: Group purging of rows by table ID 2016-08-29 11:03:11 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#9014 Deprecate and remove mysql_shutdown() 2016-08-26 15:15:02 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#9091 Remove --ssl, --ssl-verify-server-cert client-side options 2016-08-26 13:14:59 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#8058 PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA, INSTRUMENT SERVER ERRORS 2016-08-26 13:13:06 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#9275 DEPRECATE INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_LOCKS IN 5.7 2016-08-26 13:11:22 Server-5.7 Complete Medium
WL#8688 Support ability to persist SET GLOBAL settings 2016-08-26 12:59:27 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#9045 Make user management DDLs atomic 2016-08-26 12:56:37 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#6616 PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA, INDEXES 2016-08-26 12:51:32 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#7364 RBR: Enhanced Applier Thread Progress Details 2016-08-26 11:06:08 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#9217 Remove the code in 2016-08-26 11:04:18 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#9218 Remove deprecated LOAD DATA events from replication code 2016-08-26 11:02:52 Server-8.0 Complete Low
WL#6591 Restore backup on existing GTID-aware server - make GTID_PURGED settable always 2016-08-26 11:01:08 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#8896 Enable use of C++11 in MySQL server 2016-08-26 10:57:39 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#9250 Split LOCK_thd_list and LOCK_thd_remove mutexes 2016-08-26 10:45:16 Server-8.0 Complete Medium
WL#8785 Support multi-state SSL option 2016-06-19 04:27:58 Complete Medium
WL#8733 Session information service 2016-06-19 04:27:58 Server-5.7 Complete Medium
WL#8993 Option to not log in the error log when unsafe statements are executed whilst using STATEMENT based binary logging 2016-06-19 04:27:58 Server-5.7 Complete Medium
WL#8159 Include Sys Schema in MySQL 5.7 2016-06-19 04:27:58 Server-5.7 Complete Medium
WL#8397 Increase table_open_cache_instances compiled default 2016-06-19 04:27:58 Server-5.7 Complete Medium