5.1.10 The film_text Table

The film_text table contains the film_id, title and description columns of the film table, with the contents of the table kept in synchrony with the film table by means of triggers on film table INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations (see Section 5.5, “Triggers”).

Before MySQL server 5.6.10, the film_text table was the only table in the Sakila sample database that used the MyISAM storage engine. This is because full-text search is used for titles and descriptions of films listed in the film table. MyISAM was used because full-text search support with InnoDB was not available until MySQL server 5.6.10.

  • film_id: A surrogate primary key used to uniquely identify each film in the table.

  • title: The title of the film.

  • description: A short description or plot summary of the film.

The contents of the film_text table should never be modified directly. All changes should be made to the film table instead.