MySQL 8.4.0
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Performance schema user (implementation). More...


class  Proc_purge_user


int init_user (const PFS_global_param *param)
 Initialize the user buffers. More...
void cleanup_user ()
 Cleanup all the user buffers. More...
static const ucharuser_hash_get_key (const uchar *entry, size_t *length)
static uint user_hash_func (const LF_HASH *, const uchar *key, size_t key_len)
static int user_hash_cmp_func (const uchar *key1, size_t key_len1, const uchar *key2, size_t key_len2)
int init_user_hash (const PFS_global_param *param)
 Initialize the user hash. More...
void cleanup_user_hash ()
 Cleanup the user hash. More...
static LF_PINSget_user_hash_pins (PFS_thread *thread)
static void set_user_key (PFS_user_key *key, const PFS_user_name *user)
PFS_userfind_or_create_user (PFS_thread *thread, const PFS_user_name *user)
PFS_usersanitize_user (PFS_user *unsafe)
static void purge_user (PFS_thread *thread, PFS_user *user)
void purge_all_user ()
 Purge non connected users, reset stats of connected users. More...


LF_HASH user_hash
static bool user_hash_inited = false

Detailed Description

Performance schema user (implementation).