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Adapter, for table sharing the structure of PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.EVENTS_WAITS_CURRENT. More...

#include <table_events_waits.h>

Inheritance diagram for table_events_waits_common:

Protected Member Functions

int read_row_values (TABLE *table, unsigned char *buf, Field **fields, bool read_all) override
 Read the current row values. More...
 table_events_waits_common (const PFS_engine_table_share *share, void *pos)
 ~table_events_waits_common () override=default
void clear_object_columns ()
int make_table_object_columns (PFS_events_waits *wait)
int make_file_object_columns (PFS_events_waits *wait)
int make_socket_object_columns (PFS_events_waits *wait)
int make_metadata_lock_object_columns (PFS_events_waits *wait)
int make_row (PFS_events_waits *wait)
 Build a row. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PFS_engine_table
virtual int update_row_values (TABLE *table, const unsigned char *old_buf, unsigned char *new_buf, Field **fields)
 Update the current row values. More...
virtual int delete_row_values (TABLE *table, const unsigned char *buf, Field **fields)
 Delete a row. More...
 PFS_engine_table (const PFS_engine_table_share *share, void *pos)
 Constructor. More...

Protected Attributes

row_events_waits m_row
 Current row. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from PFS_engine_table
const PFS_engine_table_sharem_share_ptr
 Table share. More...
void * m_pos_ptr
 Opaque pointer to the m_pos position of this cursor. More...
 Current normalizer. More...
 Current index. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from PFS_engine_table
int read_row (TABLE *table, unsigned char *buf, Field **fields)
 Read a table row. More...
int update_row (TABLE *table, const unsigned char *old_buf, unsigned char *new_buf, Field **fields)
 Update a table row. More...
int delete_row (TABLE *table, const unsigned char *buf, Field **fields)
 Delete a row from this table. More...
virtual int rnd_init (bool scan)
 Initialize table scan. More...
virtual int rnd_next ()=0
 Fetch the next row in this cursor. More...
virtual int index_init (uint idx, bool sorted)
virtual int index_read (KEY *key_infos, uint index, const uchar *key, uint key_len, enum ha_rkey_function find_flag)
 Positions an index cursor to the index specified in the handle. More...
virtual int index_read_last (KEY *key_infos, const uchar *key, uint key_len)
virtual int index_next ()
 Find key in index, read record. More...
virtual int index_next_same (const uchar *key, uint key_len)
 Reads the next row matching the given key value. More...
virtual int index_prev ()
virtual int index_first ()
virtual int index_last ()
virtual int rnd_pos (const void *pos)=0
 Fetch a row by position. More...
void get_position (void *ref)
 Get the position of the current row. More...
void set_position (const void *ref)
 Set the table cursor at a given position. More...
virtual void reset_position ()=0
 Reset the cursor position to the beginning of the table. More...
virtual ~PFS_engine_table ()=default
 Destructor. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PFS_engine_table
static PFS_engine_table_sharefind_engine_table_share (const char *name)
 Find a table share by name. More...

Detailed Description

Adapter, for table sharing the structure of PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.EVENTS_WAITS_CURRENT.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ table_events_waits_common()

table_events_waits_common::table_events_waits_common ( const PFS_engine_table_share share,
void *  pos 

◆ ~table_events_waits_common()

table_events_waits_common::~table_events_waits_common ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ clear_object_columns()

void table_events_waits_common::clear_object_columns ( )

◆ make_file_object_columns()

int table_events_waits_common::make_file_object_columns ( PFS_events_waits wait)

◆ make_metadata_lock_object_columns()

int table_events_waits_common::make_metadata_lock_object_columns ( PFS_events_waits wait)

◆ make_row()

int table_events_waits_common::make_row ( PFS_events_waits wait)

Build a row.

waitthe wait the cursor is reading
0 on success or HA_ERR_RECORD_DELETED

◆ make_socket_object_columns()

int table_events_waits_common::make_socket_object_columns ( PFS_events_waits wait)

◆ make_table_object_columns()

int table_events_waits_common::make_table_object_columns ( PFS_events_waits wait)

◆ read_row_values()

int table_events_waits_common::read_row_values ( TABLE table,
unsigned char *  buf,
Field **  fields,
bool  read_all 

Read the current row values.

tableTable handle
bufrow buffer
fieldsTable fields
read_alltrue if all columns are read.

Implements PFS_engine_table.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_row

row_events_waits table_events_waits_common::m_row

Current row.

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