MySQL 8.4.0
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Table EVENTS_WAITS_xxx (implementation). More...


static void set_schema_name (PFS_schema_name *dst, const MDL_key *src)


static const LEX_CSTRING operation_names_map []
 Operations names map, as displayed in the 'OPERATION' column. More...

Detailed Description

Table EVENTS_WAITS_xxx (implementation).

Function Documentation

◆ set_schema_name()

static void set_schema_name ( PFS_schema_name dst,
const MDL_key src 

Variable Documentation

◆ operation_names_map

const LEX_CSTRING operation_names_map[]

Operations names map, as displayed in the 'OPERATION' column.

Indexed by enum_operation_type - 1. Note: enum_operation_type contains a more precise definition, since more details are needed internally by the instrumentation. Different similar operations (CLOSE vs STREAMCLOSE) are displayed with the same name 'close'.