MySQL 9.0.0
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A PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA table share. More...

#include <pfs_engine_table.h>

Public Member Functions

ha_rows get_row_count () const
 Get the row count. More...
int write_row (PFS_engine_table *pfs_table, TABLE *table, unsigned char *buf, Field **fields) const
 Write a row. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void get_all_tables (List< const Plugin_table > *tables)
 Get all the core performance schema tables. More...
static void init_all_locks ()
 Initialize all the table share locks. More...
static void delete_all_locks ()
 Delete all the table share locks. More...

Public Attributes

const ACL_internal_table_accessm_acl
 Table Access Control List. More...
pfs_open_table_t m_open_table
 Open table function. More...
pfs_write_row_t m_write_row
 Write row function. More...
pfs_delete_all_rows_t m_delete_all_rows
 Delete all rows function. More...
pfs_get_row_count_t m_get_row_count
 Get rows count function. More...
uint m_ref_length
 Length of the m_pos position structure. More...
 The lock, stored on behalf of the SQL layer. More...
const Plugin_tablem_table_def
 Table definition. More...
bool m_perpetual
 Table is available even if the Performance Schema is disabled. More...
PFS_engine_table_proxy m_st_table
std::atomic< int > m_ref_count
bool m_in_purgatory

Detailed Description


This data is shared by all the table handles opened on the same table.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_acl

const ACL_internal_table_access* PFS_engine_table_share::m_acl

Table Access Control List.

◆ m_delete_all_rows

pfs_delete_all_rows_t PFS_engine_table_share::m_delete_all_rows

Delete all rows function.

◆ m_get_row_count

pfs_get_row_count_t PFS_engine_table_share::m_get_row_count

Get rows count function.

◆ m_in_purgatory

bool PFS_engine_table_share::m_in_purgatory

◆ m_open_table

pfs_open_table_t PFS_engine_table_share::m_open_table

Open table function.

◆ m_perpetual

bool PFS_engine_table_share::m_perpetual

Table is available even if the Performance Schema is disabled.

◆ m_ref_count

std::atomic<int> PFS_engine_table_share::m_ref_count

◆ m_ref_length

uint PFS_engine_table_share::m_ref_length

Length of the m_pos position structure.

◆ m_st_table

PFS_engine_table_proxy PFS_engine_table_share::m_st_table

◆ m_table_def

const Plugin_table* PFS_engine_table_share::m_table_def

Table definition.

◆ m_thr_lock_ptr

THR_LOCK* PFS_engine_table_share::m_thr_lock_ptr

The lock, stored on behalf of the SQL layer.

◆ m_write_row

pfs_write_row_t PFS_engine_table_share::m_write_row

Write row function.

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