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terminology_use_previous.h File Reference

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struct  terminology_use_previous::compatible_name_t
 Encapsulates a <name, version> pair, holding an instrumentation name, and the version before which it was in use by the server. More...


namespace  terminology_use_previous
 In respect to the organization of modules, this really belongs in terminology_use_previous.h.


compatible_name_t terminology_use_previous::lookup (PFS_class_type class_type, std::string str, bool use_prefix=true)
 For a given PFS_class_type, and a name within that class, return the version-dependent alias for that name. More...
bool terminology_use_previous::is_older_required (enum_compatibility_version version)
 Checks the session variable @session.terminology_use_previous, to determine whether an instrumented object that was renamed in the given version should use the old name. More...