MySQL 9.0.0
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mysql_async_connect Struct Reference

#include <client_async_authentication.h>

Public Attributes

const char * host
const char * user
const char * passwd
const char * db
uint port
const char * unix_socket
ulong client_flag
bool non_blocking
ulong pkt_length
char * host_info
int scramble_data_len
char * scramble_data
const char * scramble_plugin
 The server sends the default plugin name in Protocol::HandshakeV10. More...
char * scramble_buffer
bool scramble_buffer_allocated
struct mysql_async_authauth_context
bool saved_reconnect
char ** current_init_command
ssl_exchange_state ssl_state
SSL * ssl
csm_function state_function

Member Data Documentation

◆ auth_context

struct mysql_async_auth* mysql_async_connect::auth_context

◆ buff

char mysql_async_connect::buff[NAME_LEN+USERNAME_LENGTH+100]

◆ client_flag

ulong mysql_async_connect::client_flag

◆ current_init_command

char** mysql_async_connect::current_init_command

◆ db

const char* mysql_async_connect::db

◆ host

const char* mysql_async_connect::host

◆ host_info

char* mysql_async_connect::host_info

◆ mysql

MYSQL* mysql_async_connect::mysql

◆ non_blocking

bool mysql_async_connect::non_blocking

◆ passwd

const char* mysql_async_connect::passwd

◆ pkt_length

ulong mysql_async_connect::pkt_length

◆ port

uint mysql_async_connect::port

◆ saved_reconnect

bool mysql_async_connect::saved_reconnect

◆ scramble_buffer

char* mysql_async_connect::scramble_buffer

◆ scramble_buffer_allocated

bool mysql_async_connect::scramble_buffer_allocated

◆ scramble_data

char* mysql_async_connect::scramble_data

◆ scramble_data_len

int mysql_async_connect::scramble_data_len

◆ scramble_plugin

const char* mysql_async_connect::scramble_plugin

The server sends the default plugin name in Protocol::HandshakeV10.

◆ ssl

SSL* mysql_async_connect::ssl

◆ ssl_state

ssl_exchange_state mysql_async_connect::ssl_state

◆ state_function

csm_function mysql_async_connect::state_function

◆ unix_socket

const char* mysql_async_connect::unix_socket

◆ user

const char* mysql_async_connect::user

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