MySQL 9.0.0
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MYSQL Struct Reference

#include <mysql.h>

Public Attributes

NET net
unsigned char * connector_fd
char * host
char * user
char * passwd
char * unix_socket
char * server_version
char * host_info
char * info
char * db
struct CHARSET_INFOcharset
struct MEM_ROOTfield_alloc
uint64_t affected_rows
uint64_t insert_id
uint64_t extra_info
unsigned long thread_id
unsigned long packet_length
unsigned int port
unsigned long client_flag
unsigned long server_capabilities
unsigned int protocol_version
unsigned int field_count
unsigned int server_status
unsigned int server_language
unsigned int warning_count
struct st_mysql_options options
enum mysql_status status
enum enum_resultset_metadata resultset_metadata
bool free_me
bool reconnect
char scramble [SCRAMBLE_LENGTH+1]
const struct MYSQL_METHODSmethods
void * thd
bool * unbuffered_fetch_owner
void * extension

Member Data Documentation

◆ affected_rows

uint64_t MYSQL::affected_rows

◆ charset

struct CHARSET_INFO* MYSQL::charset

◆ client_flag

unsigned long MYSQL::client_flag

◆ connector_fd

unsigned char* MYSQL::connector_fd

◆ db

char * MYSQL::db

◆ extension

void* MYSQL::extension

◆ extra_info

uint64_t MYSQL::extra_info

◆ field_alloc

struct MEM_ROOT* MYSQL::field_alloc

◆ field_count

unsigned int MYSQL::field_count

◆ fields


◆ free_me

bool MYSQL::free_me

◆ host

char* MYSQL::host

◆ host_info

char * MYSQL::host_info

◆ info

char* MYSQL::info

◆ insert_id

uint64_t MYSQL::insert_id

◆ methods

const struct MYSQL_METHODS* MYSQL::methods

◆ net


◆ options

struct st_mysql_options MYSQL::options

◆ packet_length

unsigned long MYSQL::packet_length

◆ passwd

char * MYSQL::passwd

◆ port

unsigned int MYSQL::port

◆ protocol_version

unsigned int MYSQL::protocol_version

◆ reconnect

bool MYSQL::reconnect

◆ resultset_metadata

enum enum_resultset_metadata MYSQL::resultset_metadata

◆ scramble

char MYSQL::scramble[SCRAMBLE_LENGTH+1]

◆ server_capabilities

unsigned long MYSQL::server_capabilities

◆ server_language

unsigned int MYSQL::server_language

◆ server_status

unsigned int MYSQL::server_status

◆ server_version

char * MYSQL::server_version

◆ status

enum mysql_status MYSQL::status

◆ stmts

LIST* MYSQL::stmts

◆ thd

void* MYSQL::thd

◆ thread_id

unsigned long MYSQL::thread_id

◆ unbuffered_fetch_owner

bool* MYSQL::unbuffered_fetch_owner

◆ unix_socket

char * MYSQL::unix_socket

◆ user

char * MYSQL::user

◆ warning_count

unsigned int MYSQL::warning_count

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