MySQL 9.0.0
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mysql_async_auth Struct Reference

#include <client_async_authentication.h>

Public Attributes

bool non_blocking
char * data
uint data_len
const char * data_plugin
 set to mysql_async_connect::scramble_plugin More...
const char * db
const char * auth_plugin_name
ulong pkt_length
int res
char * change_user_buff
int change_user_buff_len
int client_auth_plugin_state
 Used by caching_sha256_password plugin. More...
authsm_function state_function
uint current_factor_index
sha2_async_auth sha2_auth

Member Data Documentation

◆ auth_plugin

auth_plugin_t* mysql_async_auth::auth_plugin

◆ auth_plugin_name

const char* mysql_async_auth::auth_plugin_name

◆ change_user_buff

char* mysql_async_auth::change_user_buff

◆ change_user_buff_len

int mysql_async_auth::change_user_buff_len

◆ client_auth_plugin_state

int mysql_async_auth::client_auth_plugin_state

Used by caching_sha256_password plugin.

◆ current_factor_index

uint mysql_async_auth::current_factor_index

◆ data

char* mysql_async_auth::data

◆ data_len

uint mysql_async_auth::data_len

◆ data_plugin

const char* mysql_async_auth::data_plugin

set to mysql_async_connect::scramble_plugin

◆ db

const char* mysql_async_auth::db

◆ mpvio

MCPVIO_EXT mysql_async_auth::mpvio

◆ mysql

MYSQL* mysql_async_auth::mysql

◆ non_blocking

bool mysql_async_auth::non_blocking

◆ pkt_length

ulong mysql_async_auth::pkt_length

◆ res

int mysql_async_auth::res

◆ sha2_auth

sha2_async_auth mysql_async_auth::sha2_auth

◆ state_function

authsm_function mysql_async_auth::state_function

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