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Instrumented rwlock implementation. More...

#include <pfs_instr.h>

Inheritance diagram for PFS_rwlock:

Public Attributes

const void * m_identity
 RWLock identity, typically a pthread_rwlock_t. More...
 RWLock class. More...
PFS_rwlock_stat m_rwlock_stat
 Instrument statistics. More...
 Current writer thread. More...
uint m_readers
 Current count of readers. More...
ulonglong m_last_written
 Time stamp of the last write. More...
ulonglong m_last_read
 Time stamp of the last read. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from PFS_instr
pfs_lock m_lock
 Internal lock. More...
bool m_enabled
 Enabled flag. More...
bool m_timed
 Timed flag. More...
PFS_opaque_container_page * m_page
 Container page. More...

Detailed Description

Instrumented rwlock implementation.

See also

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_class

PFS_rwlock_class* PFS_rwlock::m_class

RWLock class.

◆ m_identity

const void* PFS_rwlock::m_identity

RWLock identity, typically a pthread_rwlock_t.

◆ m_last_read

ulonglong PFS_rwlock::m_last_read

Time stamp of the last read.

This statistic is not exposed in user visible tables yet.

◆ m_last_written

ulonglong PFS_rwlock::m_last_written

Time stamp of the last write.

This statistic is not exposed in user visible tables yet.

◆ m_readers

uint PFS_rwlock::m_readers

Current count of readers.

◆ m_rwlock_stat

PFS_rwlock_stat PFS_rwlock::m_rwlock_stat

Instrument statistics.

◆ m_writer

PFS_thread* PFS_rwlock::m_writer

Current writer thread.

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