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Instrumented artifact. More...

#include <psi_bits.h>

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Public Attributes

bool m_enabled
 Instrumentation is enabled. More...

Detailed Description

Instrumented artifact.

The object instrumented can be enabled or disabled. The m_enabled member is visible and public, and must be tested by the instrumented code before making low level api calls to the actual instrumentation implementation.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_enabled

bool PSI_instr::m_enabled

Instrumentation is enabled.

This flag must be checked before making calls to:

  • PSI_MUTEX_CALL(start_mutex_wait)
  • PSI_MUTEX_CALL(unlock_mutex)
  • PSI_RWLOCK_CALL(start_rwlock_rdwait)
  • PSI_RWLOCK_CALL(start_rwlock_wrwait)
  • PSI_RWLOCK_CALL(unlock_rwlock)
  • PSI_COND_CALL(start_cond_wait)
  • PSI_COND_CALL(signal_cond)
  • PSI_COND_CALL(broadcast_cond)
  • PSI_SOCKET_CALL(start_socket_wait)

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