MySQL  8.0.18
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struct  hash< dd::String_type >
 Specialize std::hash for dd::String_type so that it can be used with unordered_ containers. More...
struct  hash< Gcs_xcom_synode >
struct  hash< stdx::string_view >
struct  hash< stdx::u16string_view >
struct  hash< stdx::u32string_view >
struct  hash< stdx::wstring_view >
struct  is_error_code_enum< HttpAuthErrc >
struct  is_error_code_enum< McfErrc >
struct  is_error_code_enum< mysql_harness::option_errc >
struct  iterator_traits< varlen_iterator >


std::error_code make_error_code (HttpAuthErrc e)
std::error_code make_error_code (McfErrc e)

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◆ make_error_code() [1/2]

std::error_code std::make_error_code ( HttpAuthErrc  e)

◆ make_error_code() [2/2]

std::error_code std::make_error_code ( McfErrc  e)