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ReplSemiSyncSlave Class Reference

The extension class for the slave of semi-synchronous replication. More...

#include <semisync_replica.h>

Inheritance diagram for ReplSemiSyncSlave:
ReplSemiSyncBase Trace

Public Member Functions

 ReplSemiSyncSlave ()
 ~ReplSemiSyncSlave ()=default
void setTraceLevel (unsigned long trace_level)
int initObject ()
bool getSlaveEnabled ()
void setSlaveEnabled (bool enabled)
int slaveReadSyncHeader (const char *header, unsigned long total_len, bool *need_reply, const char **payload, unsigned long *payload_len)
int slaveReply (MYSQL *mysql, const char *binlog_filename, my_off_t binlog_filepos)
int slaveStart (Binlog_relay_IO_param *param)
int slaveStop (Binlog_relay_IO_param *param)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Trace
void function_enter (const char *func_name)
int function_exit (const char *func_name, int exit_code)
bool function_exit (const char *func_name, bool exit_code)
void function_exit (const char *func_name)
 Trace ()
 Trace (unsigned long trace_level)

Private Attributes

bool init_done_ = false
bool slave_enabled_ = false
MYSQLmysql_reply = nullptr

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Trace
unsigned long trace_level_
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ReplSemiSyncBase
static const unsigned char kSyncHeader [2]
static const unsigned char kPacketMagicNum = 0xef
static const unsigned char kPacketFlagSync = 0x01
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Trace
static const unsigned long kTraceFunction = 0x0040
static const unsigned long kTraceGeneral = 0x0001
static const unsigned long kTraceDetail = 0x0010
static const unsigned long kTraceNetWait = 0x0020

Detailed Description

The extension class for the slave of semi-synchronous replication.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ReplSemiSyncSlave()

ReplSemiSyncSlave::ReplSemiSyncSlave ( )

◆ ~ReplSemiSyncSlave()

ReplSemiSyncSlave::~ReplSemiSyncSlave ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getSlaveEnabled()

bool ReplSemiSyncSlave::getSlaveEnabled ( )

◆ initObject()

int ReplSemiSyncSlave::initObject ( )

◆ setSlaveEnabled()

void ReplSemiSyncSlave::setSlaveEnabled ( bool  enabled)

◆ setTraceLevel()

void ReplSemiSyncSlave::setTraceLevel ( unsigned long  trace_level)

◆ slaveReadSyncHeader()

int ReplSemiSyncSlave::slaveReadSyncHeader ( const char *  header,
unsigned long  total_len,
bool *  need_reply,
const char **  payload,
unsigned long *  payload_len 

◆ slaveReply()

int ReplSemiSyncSlave::slaveReply ( MYSQL mysql,
const char *  binlog_filename,
my_off_t  binlog_filepos 

◆ slaveStart()

int ReplSemiSyncSlave::slaveStart ( Binlog_relay_IO_param param)

◆ slaveStop()

int ReplSemiSyncSlave::slaveStop ( Binlog_relay_IO_param param)

Member Data Documentation

◆ init_done_

bool ReplSemiSyncSlave::init_done_ = false

◆ mysql_reply

MYSQL* ReplSemiSyncSlave::mysql_reply = nullptr

◆ slave_enabled_

bool ReplSemiSyncSlave::slave_enabled_ = false

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