MySQL 8.4.0
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Binlog_relay_IO_param Struct Reference

Replication binlog relay IO observer parameter. More...

#include <replication.h>

Public Attributes

uint32 server_id
my_thread_id thread_id
char * channel_name
char * host
char * user
unsigned int port
char * master_log_name
my_off_t master_log_pos
bool source_connection_auto_failover

Detailed Description

Replication binlog relay IO observer parameter.

Member Data Documentation

◆ channel_name

char* Binlog_relay_IO_param::channel_name

◆ host

char* Binlog_relay_IO_param::host

◆ master_log_name

char* Binlog_relay_IO_param::master_log_name

◆ master_log_pos

my_off_t Binlog_relay_IO_param::master_log_pos

◆ mysql

MYSQL* Binlog_relay_IO_param::mysql

◆ port

unsigned int Binlog_relay_IO_param::port

◆ server_id

uint32 Binlog_relay_IO_param::server_id

◆ source_connection_auto_failover

bool Binlog_relay_IO_param::source_connection_auto_failover

◆ thread_id

my_thread_id Binlog_relay_IO_param::thread_id

◆ user

char* Binlog_relay_IO_param::user

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