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ReplSemiSyncBase Class Reference

Base class for semi-sync master and slave classes. More...

#include <semisync.h>

Inheritance diagram for ReplSemiSyncBase:
Trace Ack_receiver ReplSemiSyncMaster ReplSemiSyncSlave

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned char kSyncHeader [2]
static const unsigned char kPacketMagicNum = 0xef
static const unsigned char kPacketFlagSync = 0x01
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Trace
static const unsigned long kTraceFunction = 0x0040
static const unsigned long kTraceGeneral = 0x0001
static const unsigned long kTraceDetail = 0x0010
static const unsigned long kTraceNetWait = 0x0020

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Trace
void function_enter (const char *func_name)
int function_exit (const char *func_name, int exit_code)
bool function_exit (const char *func_name, bool exit_code)
void function_exit (const char *func_name)
 Trace ()
 Trace (unsigned long trace_level)
- Public Attributes inherited from Trace
unsigned long trace_level_

Detailed Description

Base class for semi-sync master and slave classes.

Member Data Documentation

◆ kPacketFlagSync

const unsigned char ReplSemiSyncBase::kPacketFlagSync = 0x01

◆ kPacketMagicNum

const unsigned char ReplSemiSyncBase::kPacketMagicNum = 0xef

◆ kSyncHeader

const unsigned char ReplSemiSyncBase::kSyncHeader
Initial value:
= {
static const unsigned char kPacketMagicNum
Definition: semisync.h:87

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