MySQL 8.2.0
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zlob0read.h File Reference
#include "zlob0index.h"

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namespace  lob
 Provides the large objects (LOB) module.


ulint lob::z_read_chunk (dict_index_t *index, z_index_entry_t &entry, ulint offset, ulint &len, byte *&buf, mtr_t *mtr)
 Read one data chunk associated with one index entry. More...
ulint lob::z_read_strm (dict_index_t *index, z_index_entry_t &entry, byte *zbuf, ulint zbuf_size, mtr_t *mtr)
 Read one zlib stream fully, given its index entry. More...
ulint lob::z_read (ReadContext *ctx, trx_t *trx, lob::ref_t ref, ulint offset, ulint len, byte *buf)
 Fetch a compressed large object (ZLOB) from the system. More...
bool lob::z_validate_strm (dict_index_t *index, z_index_entry_t &entry, mtr_t *mtr)
 Validate one zlib stream, given its index entry. More...