MySQL  8.0.19
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xcom_detector.h File Reference

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typedef double detector_state[NSERVERS]


void note_detected (struct site_def const *site, node_no node)
int may_be_dead (detector_state const ds, node_no i, double seconds)
void init_detector (detector_state ds)
void invalidate_detector_sites (struct site_def *site)
void update_detected (struct site_def *site)

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Typedef Documentation

◆ detector_state

typedef double detector_state[NSERVERS]

Function Documentation

◆ init_detector()

void init_detector ( detector_state  ds)

◆ invalidate_detector_sites()

void invalidate_detector_sites ( struct site_def site)

◆ may_be_dead()

int may_be_dead ( detector_state const  ds,
node_no  i,
double  seconds 

◆ note_detected()

void note_detected ( struct site_def const *  site,
node_no  node 

◆ update_detected()

void update_detected ( struct site_def site)