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site_def Struct Reference

#include <site_struct.h>

Public Attributes

synode_no start
synode_no boot_key
node_no nodeno
node_list nodes
serverservers [NSERVERS]
detector_state detected
node_no global_node_count
node_set global_node_set
node_set local_node_set
int detector_updated
xcom_proto x_proto
synode_no delivered_msg [NSERVERS]
double install_time
xcom_event_horizon event_horizon

Member Data Documentation

◆ boot_key

synode_no site_def::boot_key

◆ delivered_msg

synode_no site_def::delivered_msg[NSERVERS]

◆ detected

detector_state site_def::detected

◆ detector_updated

int site_def::detector_updated

◆ event_horizon

xcom_event_horizon site_def::event_horizon

◆ global_node_count

node_no site_def::global_node_count

◆ global_node_set

node_set site_def::global_node_set

◆ install_time

double site_def::install_time

◆ local_node_set

node_set site_def::local_node_set

◆ nodeno

node_no site_def::nodeno

◆ nodes

node_list site_def::nodes

◆ servers

server* site_def::servers[NSERVERS]

◆ start

synode_no site_def::start

◆ x_proto

xcom_proto site_def::x_proto

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