MySQL 8.3.0
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server Struct Reference

#include <server_struct.h>

Public Attributes

int garbage
int refcnt
char * srv
xcom_port port
double active
double detected
channel outgoing
srv_buf out_buf
int invalid
int number_of_pings_received
double last_ping_received

Member Data Documentation

◆ active

double server::active

◆ con

connection_descriptor* server::con

◆ detected

double server::detected

◆ garbage

int server::garbage

◆ invalid

int server::invalid

◆ last_ping_received

double server::last_ping_received

◆ number_of_pings_received

int server::number_of_pings_received

◆ out_buf

srv_buf server::out_buf

◆ outgoing

channel server::outgoing

◆ port

xcom_port server::port

◆ refcnt

int server::refcnt

◆ reply_handler

task_env* server::reply_handler

◆ sender

task_env* server::sender

◆ srv

char* server::srv

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