MySQL 8.4.0
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XDR::xdr_ops Struct Reference

#include <xdr.h>

Public Attributes

bool_t(* x_getlong )(XDR *__xdrs, long *__lp)
bool_t(* x_putlong )(XDR *__xdrs, __const long *__lp)
bool_t(* x_getbytes )(XDR *__xdrs, caddr_t __addr, u_int __len)
bool_t(* x_putbytes )(XDR *__xdrs, __const char *__addr, u_int __len)
u_int(* x_getpostn )(__const XDR *__xdrs)
bool_t(* x_setpostn )(XDR *__xdrs, u_int __pos)
int32_t *(* x_inline )(XDR *__xdrs, u_int __len)
void(* x_destroy )(XDR *__xdrs)
bool_t(* x_getint32 )(XDR *__xdrs, int32_t *__ip)
bool_t(* x_putint32 )(XDR *__xdrs, __const int32_t *__ip)

Member Data Documentation

◆ x_destroy

void(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_destroy) (XDR *__xdrs)

◆ x_getbytes

bool_t(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_getbytes) (XDR *__xdrs, caddr_t __addr, u_int __len)

◆ x_getint32

bool_t(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_getint32) (XDR *__xdrs, int32_t *__ip)

◆ x_getlong

bool_t(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_getlong) (XDR *__xdrs, long *__lp)

◆ x_getpostn

u_int(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_getpostn) (__const XDR *__xdrs)

◆ x_inline

int32_t *(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_inline) (XDR *__xdrs, u_int __len)

◆ x_putbytes

bool_t(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_putbytes) (XDR *__xdrs, __const char *__addr, u_int __len)

◆ x_putint32

bool_t(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_putint32) (XDR *__xdrs, __const int32_t *__ip)

◆ x_putlong

bool_t(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_putlong) (XDR *__xdrs, __const long *__lp)

◆ x_setpostn

bool_t(* XDR::xdr_ops::x_setpostn) (XDR *__xdrs, u_int __pos)

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