MySQL  8.0.28
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Key identifying a table share. More...

#include <pfs_instr_class.h>

Public Attributes

char m_hash_key [1+NAME_LEN+1+NAME_LEN+1]
 Hash search key. More...
uint m_key_length
 Length in bytes of m_hash_key. More...

Detailed Description

Key identifying a table share.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_hash_key

char PFS_table_share_key::m_hash_key[1+NAME_LEN+1+NAME_LEN+1]

Hash search key.

This has to be a string for LF_HASH, the format is "<enum_object_type><schema_name><0x00><object_name><0x00>"

See also

◆ m_key_length

uint PFS_table_share_key::m_key_length

Length in bytes of m_hash_key.

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