MySQL 9.0.0
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Instrumentation metadata for a stage. More...

#include <pfs_instr_class.h>

Inheritance diagram for PFS_stage_class:

Public Attributes

uint m_prefix_length
 Length of the "stage/\<component\>/" prefix. More...
PFS_stage_stat m_stage_stat
 Stage usage statistics. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from PFS_instr_class
PFS_class_type m_type
 Class type. More...
bool m_enabled
 True if this instrument is enabled. More...
bool m_timed
 True if this instrument is timed. More...
uint m_flags
 Instrument flags. More...
uint m_enforced_flags
 Instrument enforced flags. More...
int m_volatility
 Volatility index. More...
uint m_event_name_index
 Instrument name index. More...
PFS_instr_name m_name
 Instrument name. More...
char * m_documentation
 Documentation. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from PFS_instr_class
bool is_singleton () const
bool is_mutable () const
bool is_progress () const
bool is_shared_exclusive () const
bool is_priority () const
bool is_transferable () const
bool is_user () const
bool is_system_thread () const
bool is_global () const
bool has_seqnum () const
bool has_auto_seqnum () const
bool has_default_memory_cnt () const
bool has_enforced_memory_cnt () const
bool is_disabled () const
bool is_untimed () const
void set_enforced_flags (uint flags)
void enforce_valid_flags (uint allowed_flags)
bool is_deferred () const
bool can_be_timed () const
bool can_be_enforced () const
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PFS_instr_class
static void set_enabled (PFS_instr_class *pfs, bool enabled)
static void set_timed (PFS_instr_class *pfs, bool timed)

Detailed Description

Instrumentation metadata for a stage.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_prefix_length

uint PFS_stage_class::m_prefix_length

Length of the "stage/\<component\>/" prefix.

This is to extract "foo" from "stage/sql/foo".

◆ m_stage_stat

PFS_stage_stat PFS_stage_class::m_stage_stat

Stage usage statistics.

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