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ACL_internal_table_access Class Referenceabstract

Per internal table ACL access rules. More...

#include <auth_common.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACL_internal_table_access ()=default
virtual ~ACL_internal_table_access ()=default
virtual ACL_internal_access_result check (ulong want_access, ulong *save_priv, bool any_combination_will_do) const =0
 Check access to an internal table. More...

Detailed Description

Per internal table ACL access rules.

This class is an interface. Per table(s) specific access rule should be implemented in a subclass.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ACL_internal_table_access()

ACL_internal_table_access::ACL_internal_table_access ( )

◆ ~ACL_internal_table_access()

virtual ACL_internal_table_access::~ACL_internal_table_access ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ check()

virtual ACL_internal_access_result ACL_internal_table_access::check ( ulong  want_access,
ulong *  save_priv,
bool  any_combination_will_do 
) const
pure virtual

Check access to an internal table.

When a privilege is granted, this method add the requested privilege to save_priv.

want_accessthe privileges requested
[in,out]save_privthe privileges granted
any_combination_will_dotrue if it's enough to have any privilege for any combination of the table columns.
Return values
ACL_INTERNAL_ACCESS_GRANTEDAll the requested privileges are granted, and saved in save_priv.
ACL_INTERNAL_ACCESS_DENIEDAt least one of the requested privileges was denied.
ACL_INTERNAL_ACCESS_CHECK_GRANTNo requested privilege was denied, and grant should be checked for at least one privilege. Requested privileges that are granted, if any, are saved in save_priv.

Implemented in PFS_readonly_acl, PFS_truncatable_acl, PFS_updatable_acl, PFS_editable_acl, PFS_unknown_acl, PFS_readonly_world_acl, PFS_truncatable_world_acl, and PFS_readonly_processlist_acl.

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