MySQL  8.0.27
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NET Struct Reference

#include <mysql_com.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned char * buff
unsigned char * buff_end
unsigned char * write_pos
unsigned char * read_pos
my_socket fd
unsigned long remain_in_buf
 Set if we are doing several queries in one command ( as in LOAD TABLE ... More...
unsigned long length
unsigned long buf_length
unsigned long where_b
unsigned long max_packet
unsigned long max_packet_size
unsigned int pkt_nr
unsigned int compress_pkt_nr
unsigned int write_timeout
unsigned int read_timeout
unsigned int retry_count
int fcntl
unsigned int * return_status
unsigned char reading_or_writing
unsigned char save_char
bool compress
unsigned int last_errno
unsigned char error
char last_error [MYSQL_ERRMSG_SIZE]
 Client library error message buffer. More...
char sqlstate [SQLSTATE_LENGTH+1]
 Client library sqlstate buffer. More...
void * extension
 Extension pointer, for the caller private use. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ buf_length

unsigned long NET::buf_length

◆ buff

unsigned char* NET::buff

◆ buff_end

unsigned char * NET::buff_end

◆ compress

bool NET::compress

◆ compress_pkt_nr

unsigned int NET::compress_pkt_nr

◆ error

unsigned char NET::error

◆ extension

void* NET::extension

Extension pointer, for the caller private use.

Any program linking with the networking library can use this pointer, which is handy when private connection specific data needs to be maintained. The mysqld server process uses this pointer internally, to maintain the server internal instrumentation for the connection.

◆ fcntl

int NET::fcntl

◆ fd

my_socket NET::fd

◆ last_errno

unsigned int NET::last_errno

◆ last_error

char NET::last_error[MYSQL_ERRMSG_SIZE]

Client library error message buffer.

Actually belongs to struct MYSQL.

◆ length

unsigned long NET::length

◆ max_packet

unsigned long NET::max_packet

◆ max_packet_size

unsigned long NET::max_packet_size

◆ pkt_nr

unsigned int NET::pkt_nr

◆ read_pos

unsigned char * NET::read_pos

◆ read_timeout

unsigned int NET::read_timeout

◆ reading_or_writing

unsigned char NET::reading_or_writing

◆ remain_in_buf

unsigned long NET::remain_in_buf

Set if we are doing several queries in one command ( as in LOAD TABLE ...

FROM MASTER ), and do not want to confuse the client with OK at the wrong time

◆ retry_count

unsigned int NET::retry_count

◆ return_status

unsigned int* NET::return_status

◆ save_char

unsigned char NET::save_char

◆ sqlstate

char NET::sqlstate[SQLSTATE_LENGTH+1]

Client library sqlstate buffer.

Set along with the error message.

◆ vio


◆ where_b

unsigned long NET::where_b

◆ write_pos

unsigned char * NET::write_pos

◆ write_timeout

unsigned int NET::write_timeout

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